Princess of Darkness

As a dark princess she split the sky.
Leaving slight waves of fog all around her.
Bats surrounding her.
Crows flying close to her.

Creatures of the night came out of their homes.
Following her into the dark forest.
As she danced through the night, 
with only the light of the moon to guide her.

Wolves walking by her side, guiding her.
Protecting her.
She curled the ends of her red painted lips up.
A beautiful smile showing on her face.

She was neither good nor bad.
A princess of the darkness.
Filled with life,
but inevitable connected to death.

Dancing as if she was in her own little world.
Protected by the creatures on her side.
The darkness.
The moon.

Alone she danced.
Laughed and cried.
Twirled as her black hair spread around her, like a veil.

But happy.



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