If Love Is An Ocean Wide

Ever since I’ve been in a relationship with my love, I finally learned what a real long term relationship is.
It’s work, sometimes even a lot of work.
It’s patience, a lot of it.
But most of all: It’s being able to trust each other.
To be faithful to each other.
And most important of all: To love each other.

That’s why I think we are such a perfect couple.
We spend every day (except Thursday) together.
And we love spending time together.

Sometimes, I get a bit irritated when we’re just laying in my bed, doing absolutely nothing for over half an hour.
I admit, sometimes I easily get bored, and no one likes being bored.
So then I can be a bit grumpy.
Luckily he knows that as soon as he takes me in his arms and hugs me, or kisses my neck or lips, my bad mood’s over.

He just melts the anger/irritation away.
His arms are my safe haven.

There are days that I never want to end.
Sometimes, even over 24 hours seems to little.

This doesn’t mean that there haven’t been moments that I just wanted to get up and walk away.
But I simply can’t.
My heart even breaks when I simply think about how it would be to live without him.
Without us.
The answer is simple: I couldn’t.
I couldn’t live without him anymore.
He is my heart, my soul, my all.

I love him more than life itself.
I love everything about us.
Our silly talks sometimes (yes, we sometimes speak in silly voices, which I find adorable!).
Our random ‘fights’ (which I always win, duh!).
Our trips to Ghent, Brussels, Bruges (I’ll tell you about that one later 😉 ), Ostend, …

I could go on and on about this, but instead I’ll just show you by a song of ‘the afters’ called “ocean wide”.
It shows exactly what I mean.



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