Fear Of Driving Combined With Love And Patience

Yesterday evening I had my first driving lesson with my boyfriend.
It wasn’t my first time driving, since about two and a half years ago I had taken twelve hours of driving lessons with an instructor.
But after that, I barely drove three times.
So now I have to start over again.

He was very patient and most of all: calm.
And that’s what kept me calm.
Which is good, since I’m scared of driving.

We can’t go on the street though, since he’s not qualified to do so.
The instructor needs to have had his driving license for at least 8 years, and he doesn’t so..
We practice on a parking lot.

But he said I did good, and afterwards we went to the McDonald to get a hamburger, before going back to his house.

I’m very happy that he’ll keep teaching me, and I love him for his support and patience.
I really need to get my license soon, for my education but also simply because of the freedom.
To be able to ride anywhere I want, get away whenever I want.
I would be able to drive whenever we went out with his friends, which enables him to drink a bit more.
I could take him to places myself, without having to depend on trains or buses.
I wouldn’t need to get back on those fully stuffed buses in the morning.
With teenage moms/young poor mothers with loud, screaming/crying babies on it…
No, peace and quiet.
I could get used to that.

Also, because my temporary license is going to expire the 30th of December… 
And he is going to help me achieve that.
For that, I love him so much.

I hope there will be more lessons like this one, calm, patient, not too fast, …
And I hope that I will FINALLY learn, and will be able to do it by myself.

I really , really want to learn how to drive, I’m just…scared.
I hope he’ll be able to get me over that fear somehow.

I really do.
Fingers crossed…



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