Best Four Days! ♥

I just had four amaaaazing days with my boyfriend, so I have to admit that now they’re over I feel a bit sad.

I love going to school, I love all that’s being teached to me but still.

Wednesday evening we went to a bar with his best friend, we had a few drinks when I suddenly got the idea to go to the MacDonalds nearby.
Since it’s open ’till midnight.
They both thought it was a great idea and we hurried over there.

Once we had arrived there, we saw a friend of mine again, whom we’d seen before, in the bar where we first were.
We laughed at the unbelievable coincidence (since he had left the bar before we had)
and made some jokes about it.

When we got in line to make our order at the MacDo, I noticed that the cashier boy was also one of my friends, whom I know worked there because I’d seen him there one time before.

We had a small talk before my boyfriend, his best friend and I got to our table.
In the end, right before we were about to leave, my friend offered me a free milkshake, I could even pick the flavor!

Thursday I went over to my boyfriend’s to do some work for school while he helped his mom and youngest brother painting outside.
I did my task for school and spent the other time chatting with my ex-best friend (who’s still a great friend of mine!).

After he was done painting, my love and I went to a little fair.
I sweetly asked him if he would win me a teddy bear in the luna park.
One from the machines with the hooks.
He said he had never done that before.
But that he’d give it a try, for me.
After about 5 times trying, he did get me a teddy bear!
The cutest ‘me to you’ teddy bear that you could imagine!
A big one as well!
With a blue cap on, and her little blue nose…
I named her Ariana, because it’s one of my favorite names.
I simply couldn’t stop hugging her!
She’s so cute!
I couldn’t even begin to explain how proud I was of my love.
It was the sweetest thing!


Friday we took the train to Ghent where we spent the day shopping.
I still had to get a gift for Mother’s Day, and some birthday gifts.
Luckily, the weather brightened up during the day.
We had MacDonalds as lunch and spend some hours just hanging around.
What a lovely day it was!
In the evening, my brother and I left band practice early because we were tired, which gave me some extra time with my love.
I’m addicted, I know.

Saturday, we got up rather early as well because we had a reservation at a Wellness.
We had been there before, one time and we’d been very happy about that experience.
This Saturday however, there were lots and lots of people.
So we left around four in the evening.
We’d been there about… 5 hours in total.
But still we felt satisfied.

I slept at his place Saturday night, since his parents were gone until Sunday evening.
We had a rather boring evening, just watching fragments of movies and series on tv.

But the night, sleeping in his arms was great!
Although it was hot, and I barely slept.

Today, I spend the morning sleeping in his bed while he was away for a match.
I got up with him though, had breakfast together.
In the afternoon, we went to my grandmother and had lunch with a part of my family.

What a lovely four days those were!



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