Fantasizing About The Future

Today was a better day.
I actually really had fun at school, I laughed so much my belly started to hurt.

We learned how to properly make a bed, with about three blankets (don’t know the names in English, sorry).
But if you wonder what I’m talking about, it’s the way they do it in hospitals.

I had fun with some people whom I never expected I’d get along with so well.
I hope it ‘ll last.

And then of course the evening, when I saw my love again.

What a wonderful day today was.

Maybe things are about to get better?
And if not…
As long as I have my love.
I can handle it.

Every Monday from 6 in the evening ’till 9 in the evening I am the cashier at the pool across the street.
He accompanies me, because well…
It gets really lonely.
And boring.

Our time was up, and we were talking about our future.
He told me that if we’d both have a stable job, and would’ve saved enough money
that he’d love to live with me.
Just the two of us.
He’d love it.

Even though we’ve only been together for nine months, he already knows that this is what he wants.
Which really melts my heart.
It made me speechless for a second.

But only if we would be financially stable enough, which is normal.
So now I have something to dream about.

In a way, I really can’t wait to begin my life with him.
Just the two of us.
Yesterday and the day before yesterday for example we talked about children.

We were talking about teen pregnancies and that the guy basically always just leaves the girl when something goes wrong.
When the girl gets pregnant.

I asked him if he would do that as well, he said no.
I wasn’t convinced at first, because well… it’s easy to say.
But to actually do it… that’s something entirely else.

He convinced me though.
He told me that he’d take his responsibilities and would stay with me, no matter what.
Which actually warmed my heart.
To know that even if one day something would go wrong, that he’d still be there by my side.

I asked him if he would keep the baby then, or have it removed.
He said we’d keep it.
Which also warmed my heart.
He told me that he isn’t waiting for it to happen, or to have children soon, but if it would happen, that he’d be happy.
Even if it wouldn’t be planned.

Laughing, he added that I didn’t need to try it out though.

I know that he’ll be a great dad one day.
I know it because I see how he does with his god child.

It’s good to know how supporting he would be, even in those kind of situations.
It’s good to know that he’d always be there, no matter what.

I really am lucky with that boy of mine.



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