Ordinary School Day Filled With Love

Today was a good day.
We had food science (I don’t know what else to call it in English) in the morning.
It went by rather slowly, but still, it was fun.

Our lunch break was great though.
We ended our first class early so we had an extra thirty minutes lunch break.
I went to get a sandwich with some of my classmates and sat in the park, in the sun with them.
We talked, laughed, …
It was so much fun.

The afternoon class was fun as well, but there was way too much noise.
22 women sure can talk… a lot!

There were some emotional moments in the afternoon class (social skills) and I missed my boyfriend…
a lot…
since I knew that I wouldn’t see him today.

I never do on Thursday’s.

Pff… I sure hope he’s going to stop by anyway.
Just to say hi.

It’s hard, missing him.

I know that lately I’ve had a hard time finding out what a real stable long lasting relationship is.
I had to find some things out on my own.

But we’re doing better.
And now that I look back on it, we never really stopped doing good.

But we’re going to the wellness again soon, on the 11th of May, 
we still have some other things in our agenda as well.
Just not something we do just the two of us.

I’m looking forward to all of it.
I love him.
I need him.

And apparently I just got him to come and stop by in a couple of minutes.
Can’t wait to see him, kiss him, feel him, hug him.
It feels like it’s been weeks since I’ve last seen him.




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