La Vita è Bella

Today in class, in the afternoon we learned about poor families, and how to deal with them when we have to work there.
We were supposed to have social skills but our teacher was sick.
Even though I was very, very tired, I really enjoyed this special class.
I pretty much like every course that we have, and even if I don’t like the subject , the teachers are great.
They really all are very sweet and caring.
Real nice people.

I really feel like this is where I belong.
I know it’s been only a week but still.
I feel like I’ve made the right choice. Finally.
I just hope my exams and internship will show that as well.
I don’t know if I could handle the disappointment if I’d fail again.

Luckily, my boyfriend is being super supportive and sweet.
He’s such a dear.
Every day when I come home in the evening with a massive headache (I’m in a class with 24 persons. 22 females… Can you imagine the noise?), he’s right there to give me a hug, soothe me and take care of me.
So sweet.
I’m really lucky to have him. 
I fully realize that.
We’re both lucky to have each other.

I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.
The half of the class is going to visit a school for children with a mental handicap.
I’m in that group.
So I get to sleep longer and get to be home about two hours earlier.
In the evening , I’m going over to my boyfriend’s where I’ll have dinner with him and his family, like I do every Tuesday.
It’s kind of a tradition.
And since everyone in Belgium has a day off on the first of May (this Wednesday) I get to go to his practice again and stay with him until late.
Then on Wednesday, we’ll be together again all day.
I’m so looking forward to it!

Hope you’ll all have a lovely day tomorrow as well!

Yes, life sure can be beautiful…


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