Some Time Ago…

Some time ago I fell in love with you.
Your smile easily won me over all of a sudden.
Maybe it was your charm?

I can still remember that laugh.
My heart immediately skipped a beat.
Darling, my dear, how come I didn’t notice that before?

Sometimes I still wonder how I could’ve been so reckless, 
so blind.
Not noticing the beauty that you are before.

Yet you patiently waited, you stood by.
You kept waiting.

You had always been there, as long as I can remember. 
Hiding in the shadows.
Standing in the background.

You knew your time would come one day.
And how I adore you now.
I couldn’t imagine life without you anymore.

Your voice is the only sound that can always soothe me.
I love the sound of your laugh.
The dimples you get when you smile.

You’re cute, beautiful, adorable.
I love you to bits, so much.
Baby you’re my all.

I still don’t understand how I didn’t notice that so long ago,
and how hard I’m falling for you now.
You truly are my obsession.

You’re all I can think about.
All I dream about.
Truly a dream come true.


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