True Beauty

She looked into the mirror.
Minutes went by as she kept staring at her reflection.
She started to feel hatred for the person staring back at her.
She hated the bags under those blue, sad eyes.
Those blue eyes had stopped sparkling with joy and life a long time ago.
Life had stolen her sparkle. Broke her spirit.

Smears of mascara on her face, leaving black traces.
Or maybe it was because of the tears she had cried?
She looked down, a new bunch of tears streaming down her cheeks.
She saw her belly all wrinkled up in layers.
When did she become this fat?
This… unattractive.
She knew she had been beautiful once.
People would turn their heads as soon as she walked in.
Boys would fall hard for her.

And now…
Life had been cruel.
But at least her body had always been beautiful, slim.
People were jealous of her.
Girls envied her.

She wiped away her tears as she got her mascara and lip gloss out.
Time to cover up the ugliness again.  
Time to put a beautiful layer over it.

He softly slipped in the bathroom, as he silently stood behind her.
He could tell from the look on her face that she’d been crying again.
He slid his arms between her thighs and arms as he hugged her from behind.
Holding her close to him.

She felt numb as she put her mascara on.
Fighting the tears.
He couldn’t see her like this anymore.
He turned her around, and took her head in his hands.
‘Baby… I don’t know why you keep doing this. You are so beautiful, you don’t need no make up to prove that.
You’re a natural beauty, always have been and always will be.
Please baby, you don’t need no make up.’
He took some tissues and softly rubbed it over her lashes, undoing the mascara.

She just stood there, softly sobbing, looking at him.
After he was done, he looked at her.
And smiled.
‘That’s my girl. You’re so beautiful love. Make up only hides your true beauty.
If you want to be even more beautiful, there’s only thing left to do.
Smile baby, show that beautiful smile I fell in laugh with.’

She could feel her heart skip a beat as she heard these words.
Deep down inside, she knew he was right.
She didn’t need to look like all those skinny models in the papers and magazines.
She was beautiful.
She really was.
She smiled at him.
He took her head in his hands and kissed her deeply.
Once he released her he held her close.
Whispering in her ear: ‘You’ll always be beautiful to me love.’


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