Tomorrow is the big day.
My final talk with the jury that ‘ll decide whether or not I’ll start my new education to be a caretaker.
I admit that I’m very, very nervous.
Even though I’ve had at least four people (including those from the work-searching thing, no idea what you call it in English. The people from an agency that help you find work).
I have failed so many things in my life.
And I came so far now. Succeeded every other test. I don’t want it to end here.
Of course, I’m also scared what my life will look like once I’ll start the studies.
I mean… I won’t be able to see my boyfriend that much anymore (now I see him daily half a day at least).
I won’t be able to stay up late anymore.
To go away.
To meet people.
I’ll have to study again.
And even combine studying with taking internship.
So of course I’m a bit scared, to fail again.
But aren’t most people scared of starting something new?
And this time, I actually have psychological tests and experts saying that this really is a good study for me.
That I’m good enough for it, and that they’ll help me, no matter what.
So I really, really, really, really hope that I’ll pass tomorrow.
Fingers crossed!


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