I Wonder Because It’s All That I Can Do

Why did you have to go
and leave me behind?
What is it that I’ve done wrong?
Wasn’t I good enough?

The love we had was so intense, passionate.
The kind of love most people can only dream of.
We were best friends, brother and sister, lovers.
We were childish as infants, mature as adults.

We were so in love.
What went wrong?
Where did we go wrong?
I still don’t know…

Love went away.
The fire went gone.
The flame going out.
A love divided.

Are you happy now?
Are you already seeing someone new?
Do you regret leaving?
Do you still think about me?

Do you even care?
I wonder.
Because it’s all that I can do now.
Thinking. Wondering. As I desperately wait for your return.



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