Beautiful Memories

I lay in the grass, looking up at the sun.
Thinking of you.
Dreaming about you.
Thinking of the love we have.

I can still see it all.
The first meeting.
The first date.
The first kiss.

I can still feel the curiosity that I felt the first time I saw you.
How you fascinated me.
Those big, beautiful eyes.
That soft, soothing voice.

The first date.
All those questions running through my mind.
Will he kiss me? Will I kiss him back?
What will it be like?

A little bit of disappointment when you didn’t kiss me.
When you didn’t even make a move.
Was I not attractive? Did you not like me?
Maybe it was for the best.

But then, love slowly started growing deep inside of me.
Every time we met, the feelings grew stronger.
So by the second date, almost a year and a half later, I was sure.
I wanted you to kiss me.

Slowly, gently, I made some moves.
I laughed, listened to you, asked questions about your life.
And I slowly started to realize that you were actually a rather interesting and fascinating person.
You were so different then I’d thought. In a good way.

I took your hand a couple of times.
Touching your skin slightly with my fingers.
I looked into your eyes, for just as long as I could handle. Not long at all.
My whole body begged for any reaction from you.

Laying in your arms, on your lap, finally an answer came.
A soft question.
“Can I ask you something?”
“May I kiss you?”

My heart skipped a beat when I heard this.
But I decided to keep my cool.
So playfully I answered.
“You can try.”

As soon as those sweet, sweet lips touched mine, 
I knew that I’d never ever want to kiss other ones.
I realized I was in love.
Right there, right then.

Now I lay in the sun, remembering all those beautiful moments.
The best memories.
The start of my real, new life.
The start of us.


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