Bittersweetly Beautiful pt.1

A few months ago -November if I’m right- I uploaded a Dutch text ( ‘Bitterzoete Pracht‘ ), talking about an abusive relationship.
I promised my English readers/followers that I’d translate it into English for them.
So I am.
Also, I decided to upload this post in three to four parts, since it’s originally about 5 pages long. Too long for a normal blog post.
So, as promised, here is the first part of the story.
I hope you guys like it.
As always, please feel free to leave a comment, so I know if you guys think it’s any good or not.

The song “I love the way you lie” by Rihanna and Eminem was playing in the background.

“How fitting…” Alenia bitterly thought. She and Dorian had just had one of their well known and already famous fights again. Until he angrily stormed out of the house, after smacking the front door close hard. And once again, the reason was so stupid. He and his damned jealousy…

After school she had been talking to a classmate of her new class with whom she got along real good. And yes, it was a boy. Derek was just giving her a hug because she had had a rough day at school, when a furious Dorian came storming off in their direction. He punched Derek right on his left cheek with his clenched fist.

“Dorian, what the fuck are you doing now?!” She had screamed. But nothing helped. He was going out of his mind, and just kept punching Derek. “Dorian!” She screamed at the top of her longs. She jumped on him, in an attempt to drag him of off Derek, but she wasn’t strong enough. Still she kept trying. Until suddenly, she herself got a smack by Dorian. “Stay of off me, you slut!” The smack had been so hard that she fell down on the ground, hard. Her head hit the floor with a huge smack and she lost consciousness.

The next thing that she remembered was waking up in a white hospital bed, with no idea how she ended up there, or what had happened before. She looked around, and saw Dorian standing. He was standing by the window, with his back towards her.

Her mouth felt parched, her throat like sandpaper, but she tried to speak.

“Dorian” was all she managed to say, more wasn’t possible.

He turned around and smiled as he walked towards the bed. “Look who just woke up.” He lovingly stroked her hair. She was still confused and still had no idea what had happened. “Dorian… what happened? I..” she said with great effort. He put a finger on her lips. “Ssshtt, don’t talk too much just yet. You’re still very weak. You’ve had a little accident. You slipped and fell, it was a rather ugly fall. But you’re okay now, everything will be alright.” He kissed her forehead.
“It hurts” she mumbled. “I know baby, I know it does.” He sat next to her on the bed, careful to not cause her any more inconvenience or hurt her. “You go and get some more rest, I’m with you, everything’s alright.” Reassured by this thought she closed her eyes and sank in a heavenly, deep, sleep. 



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