Keep The Faith

He’s the reason I smile everyday.
He’s also the reason I cry.
Times have been hard lately, with him losing his job

And me quitting school…
Our parents haven’t been easy on us as well.
Our love is getting tested, and sometimes I feel as if we’re failing the test.
But then something happens, something that gives me a tiny spark of hope again.
Even if it would continue to be this bad, I still wouldn’t leave him.
I love him so much.
He truly is my everything.
We do belong together, and I could never get tired of spending time with him.
We need each other.
So hard.
Times get rough, but we have to keep holding on.
I can see sunshine behind those grey clouds.
There are better times coming.
I know it. I can feel it.
In the past, I would’ve already left my boyfriend. End it. Break up. Simply to protect myself from getting even more hurt.
And although I have cried so many times the past two weeks,  and even though I have no clue what to do to help him, there isn’t a single part of me that thinks about leaving him.
That’s not an option.
Everyday I realise how truly important he is to me.

It’s just a phase we have to get through.

And I know we will.
If we just stay strong.
Stay together.
Our love can handle it.
We just need to keep the faith.


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