Love Written In Flesh

Today was the day.
She was going to get her first tattoo.
It was going to be a small one on the side of her middle finger.
It was a combination of a heart and the infinity sign.
A symbol for her infinite love, for him.
It was going to prove her love.

They hadn’t been together that long, 
but there was no doubt in her heart.
He was her true love.
The one.

It had been love at first sight, even though it took her some time to realize that.
But once she had fallen, she fell hard.
She loved him more and more everyday.

He had saved her from the dull, boring, destructive life she had been living.
He became her new reason to live.
He became her world, her everything.

And as a token of her love, gratitude, respect and loyalty, she was going to have this tattoo.

She had a fear of needles. Of their sting.
Their sharp, stinging points.
Therefore, she was grateful that he sat next to her, holding her hand.
He sometimes squeezed it to assure her that everything would be alright.
She loved him for that.

The result was beautiful.
It was exactly what she had imagined it would look like.

It had hurt like hell.
But for him, for their love, she had gladly taken it.

She loved her tattoo.
The fact that it was so little and hidden made her love it even more.
It was hers personally.
Her little secret.
Although it was no secret how deeply she adored him.

She looked into his eyes, smiling.
“Now I’ll be yours, forever.”
“You would’ve always been mine anyway”
He simply replied, smiling before kissing her tenderly.

Written in flesh.
Felt in heart and soul.
A love truly infinite.



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