A Little Miracle

For years all she wanted was a baby.
A beautiful baby with bright blue eyes.
Finally, after five years of marriage her wish had come true.
After eight long months, she gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl she had ever seen.

As soon as the little miracle had opened her eyes, her mother had fallen in love with her.
Her heart had melted just from seeing those sky blue bright eyes.
Looking straight into her mother’s eyes.
She had never felt more proud before.

It was love at first sight.
Both parents were just radiating with happiness and joy.
She was perfect.
A little perfect miracle.

As she tenderly held her baby girl in her arms, she swore to her that she’d always protect her.
No matter what.
She swore to always be there for her.
To pick her up when she’d fall down.

To comfort her when she felt sad.
To support her choices in life.
To show her the right way.
To cheer her up after her first heartbreak.

She promised to be the mother that she deserved.
She told her what a wonderful life she’d have.
How happy she’d be.
How beautiful.

And right in that moment,
everything fell into place.
Everything was perfect.
She was perfect.



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