I’m going trough a rather rough period.
I mean, I am happy, really happy, of course I am, I finally got rid of school and spend everyday with my boyfriend, which is amazing but still…
I miss my friends from school, I miss the traveling experience of taking the train.
I miss it all really,just not school itself. 
I miss the journey towards school, without the getting up way too early and being so long on the road.
I get bored easily now, and I think I might search for a temporary job to do.
To earn some money and keep myself busy.
Because I’ve only been home for about ten days now, and it’s already driving me crazy.
It’s irritating me,boring me, which apparently I’m taking out on my boyfriend.
Poor guy.
Yesterday for example I started crying and got a little mad at him even though he didn’t really do something.
So yeah… I need to keep myself busy.
Or I’ll go crazy.


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