The Notebook – My Love Story

“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more,
that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.
And that’s what you’ve given me.
That’s what I’d hoped to give to you forever.”
           –  Noah, ‘The Notebook’

I’m out babysitting as I’m writing this.

It’s “The Notebook” on television, and since I’ve been meaning to see this movie for ages , but just never had the guts to watch it, I decided that now was a good time to finally do so.
I must say that I indeed like the movie very much.
And from the moment I saw Allie and Noah, they reminded me of my boyfriend and I.

We’re also crazy about each other, but just like Allie and Noah, I didn’t fall for him instantly.
Just like with them, we weren’t love at first sight as well. And still, in some way, we were.
I knew right from the start that there was something special about him, I just couldn’t figure out what.
He needed to have some patience, waiting for me. He had to do some effort as well.
And he did.
That’s how, eventually, he won my heart.
Although it didn’t take Noah almost a year and a half to conquer Allie’s love, like it did for me.

Just like them, my boyfriend and I also had the most amazing summer love, filled with big dreams.
We fell fast, and hard.
We spend every waking minute together.
As a matter of fact, we still do.
We see each other almost every day of the week.
5 days out of 7 at least.
We’re inseparable. We’re one.
Just like them, we found a way to make our perfect summer love last.


Just like with Allie and Noah, his parents love me, at least, I think they do. They welcomed me from the beginning, were curious about me. His mom likes me for sure, she’s always asking how I am, she even cheered me up once, or at least tried to. She’s so warm and sweet.
My parents well… they can be difficult from time to time.
Especially my mom –just like Allie’s- can have a lot of critic to be said.

We spent too much time together, we got serious way too fast, we’re too young, it’s not real love, we go too fast, what we’re doing is wrong, we’re throwing away our lives and going no where since I quit school and he doesn’t have a diploma as well.
But just like Allie and Noah, we don’t care. Our love IS true and very real.
And we do believe that we can make it, as long as we’re together.

My parents tried to keep us more apart, setting up new rules on when I could and couldn’t see him, but we’d find a way to meet anyway.
My mom and dad sometimes just don’t seem to understand us.
How madly in love we are.
My dad said we’d get tired of seeing each other so much, that we would suffocate each other. Ruin it.
Au contraire, we grew even closer. As if that was even possible.
Only this morning, as he was calling me from work, we accidentally said “I love you” at the same time, in the same way, whispering, tender. Even though neither of us had ever said that before over the phone. Never in those seven months.
We just read each other’s mind like no other. Each other’s face.
I can even just feel it when he’s sad, mad or hurt.
I try so hard to be the perfect girlfriend.
Only yesterday, I bought him the sweets that I had bought for Valentine’s Day  as well, candy hearts. He liked those sweets very much, so did I.
So to cheer him up, I brought them from the store.
When he got mad during his last floorball match, I stormed down to the field to be with him.
To make him cool down a bit before it could get worse.
To sooth him.
I held him and talked to him. I held him, ‘till I knew that he had calmed down, even if it  only was a tiny little bit.
I went to his floorball practices, to show him that I support him, always.
Three times I spent about 5 hours a day driving in a car, to be at his matches.
I don’t mind though, I’d do anything for him.

Just like Allie, I had the chance to be with him, a long time ago. But I didn’t fully realize how special and good he was, so I let him go.
I guess I was too young, too stupid, too naïve. I still believed that I’d find the perfect guy in one of those pretty faces.
But most of the time, all they really were was nothing but a pretty face.
Besides that, they were shallow, stupid, mean, cruel, lying and cheating, …
I guess I just wasn’t ready to really be with someone.
And since Stijn and I have a six year age difference and I’ve never been with a guy that much older before.. It kind of scared me.

Don’t get me wrong, unlike Allie and Noah, we never had a relationship before this one.
I just knew that he wanted to me with me, or at least get to know me a little bit better, we went out on a date, but I got scared and didn’t feel the same way, so I didn’t take the chance.
And just like Allie, I went out with somebody else, whom I loved, but it ended wrong. That boy used me.
Even though I had seen the hurtful look in Stijn’s (my boyfriend) eyes.
It did something to me seeing the hurt in his eyes,  it really did, but I just couldn’t be with him. I wasn’t ready , not yet.
As told before, it took me about a year and a half to realize that he was what I wanted. That he was what I needed.
And god, now I can’t imagine life without him.
He’s everything and more to me.
And just like Allie and Noah, we did find each other in the end.
Because we belong.
I know we belong.
And I hope the two of us will be able to live happily ever after as well because he truly is my Noah.



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