Summer Break

She has been looking forward to this moment ever since school had started past September.
It has been a rough year, she had failed her Christmas exams miserably, and some of her college professors had suggested her to quit school.
But she wouldn’t hear about it.
She’d finish her year, even if it would be the last thing she’d do. No matter how hard it would get.
She was a fighter and just wouldn’t simply give up.
She studied hard, day and night. There would be days when she wouldn’t even sleep at all.
It was hard. But she was built tough.
In June, her hard work had been rewarded; she had passed all her exams, with honour.
Of course she’d have to redo her failed Christmas exams, but even that couldn’t ruin her blissful mood.
In a way, she had succeeded.
She fought, and she won the war, even though she had lost a battle.

Her parents were so proud of her that they surprised her with a vacation to Croatia, her favourite summer break vacation destination.
She was so happy.
As soon as she had set foot on Croatian ground, as she had left the ferry, she felt like coming home.
She went to her hotel as soon as possible, and left her luggage.
She changed clothes and put her favourite bikini on.
As she stepped outside, the hot air caressed her face.
The sound of seagulls filled the air.
The smell of the sea tickled her nostrils.
She reached the sea and found a little private beach.
It was a beautiful view, seeing those white rocks getting overflowed by the crystal blue water of the sea. Shimmering, as if it was inviting her to dive in.
This view looked so tempting, so teasingly beautiful that it gave her a rather naughty idea.
She looked around to assure herself that no one was near, or could even see her.
Slowly, she took her bikini top, and then her bikini bottom off.
She dove in the warm, welcoming water.
The water stroke her bare skin, it felt so good. As if she was getting wrapped in a silk blanket.
She closed her eyes as she floated in the water, taking up everything around her.
Yes, this truly was heaven to her.



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