Future Views

So lately, I’ve been doing some thinking.
I want to quit school. I want to quit college and university things.
I want to take a VDAB (sorry, don’t know how to say it in English) training.
That’s a training that gets you ready to do a specific job, and the one that I want to follow trains you to become a person that takes care of old people in nursing homes or little (sick) children.
You can also go to someone’s home and take care of the tasks that they are no longer able to do: wash clothes, clean the house, do the groceries, have a walk with them, talk with them because they are lonely, …
And to be honest, I would love a job like that.
I would love having a job in which you help people, every.single.day.
Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I went to the movies with his best friends, later, as we were having a drink at a bar we were talking about what kind of job he’d want to do.
He said that he wants a job where he can find satisfaction in.
And I get him.
I don’t want to have some graphical job, sitting on a desk and helping people with getting what they wanted such as posters, a book or whatever.
I want a job that actually really helps people.
When you talk to a lonely person every now and then, you can even save a life.
Because many lonely persons take their own life = suicide.
You can make someone who’s sad and sick happy.
THAT’S what I want my life to be like.
And I don’t need some fancy college or university training and diploma for that.
I know I will have to study hard as well, and work hard, but I got the motivation for it.
And lost my motivation for my current training.
I hate it.
Let’s just hope I’ll be able to convince my parents…
fingers crossed.



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