Young and Passionate

It was a cold February evening. They were sitting on the couch, watching television, even though she wasn’t paying attention to it.
No, she was looking at him. His dark hair shining in the light of the one lamp.
His eyes twinkling behind his glasses. A focused look.
She felt her heart rate increase while her hand unconsciously began to fidget her blouse.
He didn’t notice it.
She kept looking at him, her body fueling with desire. Desire to feel his bare skin against hers.
Desire to feel his touch, his kiss, his warm lips on her hot skin.
A few minutes went by, and she could not control her urge anymore.
She got up from the couch and moved closer to the one he was sitting on.
He looked up at her, surprised.
She simply smiled at him as she sat down on his lap, facing him.
The look in his eyes still showed that he didn’t have a clue what was going on, but he was rather amused by it anyway.

Her hand stroke his cheek sweetly as she looked into his eyes deeply.
Oh, how easily she could find herself getting lost in his eyes.

He smiled, and as he did, her heart skipped a beat.
It drove her crazy.
She pushed her body against his as she passionately kissed him.
Her hips pressing against his, as she moved them back and forth. He responded her movement with his hips, holding her close.
She bit his bottom lip softly, teasingly before stop kissing him for a second, just to stare into his eyes.

“I love you, and I want you, so so badly” she whispered as she could feel her cheeks get red, not sure whether it was from being shy or because she was getting so hot.
Because this was so hot.

He looked at her, adoring her, admiring her. His eyes getting filled with lust.
He passionately kissed her, his mouth hungry for hers.
“I love and want you too” he managed to whisper before picking her up into his arms and moving towards the bedroom.

Gently he lay her down on the bed, before taking of his shirt as he watched her do the same with her blouse.

He slid down his bare chest touched the soft fabric of her bra. They got lost in their passion, as each layer of clothes soon disappeared.

They kissed, loved and touched their way into the night.
No one to tell them whether it was right or wrong.

They were young, free and in love.
What better excuse could there be?



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