Weekend Of Love

Yesterday evening I got back from a weekend away with my boyfriend.
We had our own little teeny tiny house, but I thought it was cute and cosy.
It was heavenly, although it was rather different than I had imagined.
But just the fact that we spent every hour, every minute together, the fact that this time I didn’t have to see ‘goodbye’ and watch him leave … I loved it.

I’ve always been a quite troubled sleeper, when I sleep, I sleep rather good but it’s very hard for me to fall asleep, especially during school. Which is why I have prescribed  pills to help me get to sleep.  They don’t always help though.
But the past weekend, I slept better than before.
Every time when I was tossing and turning in my bed (it were two one person beds, just shoved together, but we always pushed them together.) my boyfriend would turn to me, and just lift his sheet, telling me to come lay with him. And I gladly did. Resting my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat, listening to the heart that I loved so much. And as I would do that while his left arm would support my neck, his right arm holding me close to him, I’d fall asleep. In a deep, peaceful sleep.


I loved how we would wake up. We’d put the alarm half an hour ahead, since he needs some time to wake up. I would tease him during that half hour, tickling him, giving him light kisses, ..
But the moment when he would open his eyes and look at me, I’d just stop breathing. His big, beautiful eyes looking at me.. It was as if looking into an angel’s eyes.
My angel.

We went to the tropical swimming pool twice. But it was only yesterday, on our last day there that we fully enjoyed it. It was more quiet than during the weekend, since you don’t have to be a park guest to swim there, you can also just visit it and swim there.
We enjoyed it more, because we fully enjoyed each other. We would spend ten, fifteen minutes giggling in a wild water part of the pool, which was nothing really, since it just did a little circle around. But we had so much fun, with him holding me close, his arms wrapped around me, protecting me from all those hard rays of water.

There were other moments when he would carry me around like a little girl, me facing him, my legs wrapped around his waist, as he would take me to the outside pool, which was cold, but we kept each other warm.
So much love between us.


Some people say that when two people that haven’t been together for real long spend too much time together, they end up fighting, or finding annoying habits that they didn’t notice before.
The two of us are different. We already spend about 3-5 days together a week, the evenings that is. And even before we started dating, I already knew him about a year and a half.
I do believe that this weekend only showed the other person how much we truly love each other.
I know it did to me.
I LOVE the little things with him. A smile, a touch, a kiss, a caress, a laugh, …
I love him, and I love us.

And now I absolutely know for sure, this is the boy that I want to grow old with.


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