A Solemn Promise

Looking into your eyes as you’re waking up in the morning made me realize,
that you truly are everything to me, you mean the world to me.
You’re my moon and my stars.
This realization made me so deliriously happy.

But it also made me scared, because life can be cruel and take away what you love the most.
Could life be cruel enough to take you away from me?
To make our love so precious go away?

Even just the thought of ever losing you brought tears to my eyes, as I felt my heart shrink in pain.
It was then that I promised myself, that I would fight for you, no matter what.
For you, I will fight like I have never done before.

So everyday, I’ll cherish your “I love you”‘s even more.
I’ll cherish the days that you kiss me , smiling at me.
I’ll cherish every smile, every touch of your hand.
Everyday, I’ll cherish you.
I’ll never take you for granted.

Because without you, I just can’t be anymore.
Because without you, there won’t be light anymore.
Because without you,
there’s nothing.



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