Sporty Love

I’m at my boyfriend’s practice, watching him do his warm-up and he looks so sexy, in his shorts and t-shirt. Being physique, sportive, sexy… his occasional looks at me make me smile and make my knees go weak with love.
With every step he takes, I love him even more. I love seeing him like this, his passion intensively radiating through the room.
When he occasionally glances at me, my heart skips a few beats.
God, how I love him. As I’m holding his sweater on my lap, I might even put it on later, since it’s rather cold in here. And because I love the way it smells, his smell.
It reminds me of love, our love. My love for him.
I swear, every time he walks I feel so proud to call myself his, truly his. His girlfriend, his lover, his partner, just his…
It’s the best thing I was ever allowed to call myself.

He just came for a short two-minute break, drinking some water, and almost forgot to give me a kiss as he left, luckily I reminded him.


The way his hair bounces up and down as he runs, the way he smiles when he notices me holding his sweater sweetly.

I love him, more and more with everything that he does.

He’s even worth sitting here on a bench for two hours, in a cold sports hall, from 9 p.m. ‘till 11 p.m. . He’s worth all that and much more. Because I want to support him, share his passion and his enthusiasm. I want to be part of every aspect of his life. I want to be there for him, no matter what.

Seeing him play floorball like that even got me considering to do floorball, though I know I don’t have time for that, since I already had to cut back on my synchronized swimming, and since I didn’t had time to join the writing class on Saturdays.

Maybe I’m just getting caught in his enthusiasm, after all , how could one resist such a cheerful spirit?
My lovely boy. My love.

In the end , I put on his sweater, because I was freezing, he said I could keep it for now.
As we were leaving, I told him that he had to know that he wouldn’t get it back soon, he said that he was sure I’d sleep in it tonight. It made me laugh. He knows me so well, better than anyone ever did.

We’re perfect together.



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