Today I left my exam with a rather good feeling. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that I think I passed, but I just surprised myself. It wasn’t as horrible to make as the previous time. I recognized more, was able to actually fill in more, instead of just guessing.  Of course, it was still a hard exam.
But I left with a smile, which makes me happy, makes my day good.
Now, as I’m writing this, I’m on the train on my way home. This afternoon I have to study/repeat my last exam, which I’m having tomorrow. It should be a rather good one, since it’s stuff I’ve already seen in high school, well.. a part anyway.
But I’ll still need to study/repeat well.

And then, tomorrow afternoon, my three weeks vacation will begin.
Starting with going over to my boyfriend in the evening, having dinner there and staying with him until it’s time for him to leave for his floorball practice.
I suggested to just go with him, but he told me that I’d be sitting on my own for two hours while he practices, that I’d be lonely. So I agreed not to come.
Although now I’m thinking of going with him, and then I’ll just take a book to read in the meantime. I could ask him. I’m sure he’d actually love me being there. Besides, I want to see him train. He’s so beautiful and sexy in his shorts and shirt, even when he’s all sweaty. My handsome boy.

Wednesday evening I’m planning on confirming our weekend away at Sunparks. Which will be awesome. If his work allows him to take that day off that is. I sure hope so.

Thursday I’m going to my grandmother, like I normally always do on Thursday’s when I go visit her and spend the night there. During my exams I didn’t go though, because I get up around 3a.m. to repeat my exams, and that would be too early for her.
Then this Saturday, my boyfriend and I will go to Brussels in the morning-noon, do some shopping. We have to leave early enough though, because in the evening/ late afternoon I’m going to a ‘The Script” concert, in Brussels again though but still.
Saturday is going to be a very exciting day for me, I can barely wait!

Those are all my plans so far. Of course, I do have a ‘what to do after the exams’-list, which includes doing a biiiiig clean up in my room –and since that never actually happened in the eight years since we live here, I’m going to be busy , that ‘s for sure!-.

Few minutes ago I just texted my best friend in the whole wide world to ask when he’s free to meet up as well. I miss him like hell, and he still needs to meet my boyfriend. I sure hope they will get along.

And after my exams, I will fi-na-lly have some time to read my books. Sooooo many books, lovely books, great books, moving books, but I barely had time to read.
Yes, life will be good. Life will be good.



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