Fuck You

I want to say ‘thanks’ to almost every ex of mine.
Thank you for being such assholes, lying, cheating and using me.
‘Cause if you wouldn’t have been such bastards, I wouldn’t have changed and would still be chasing the wrong guys, the bad boys with the pretty faces, just like you.
So thank you, for breaking my heart, breaking me into pieces, dragging me down into the darkness.
It’s that way that I was able to finally see the light, and find love, real love.
Unconditional, unselfish, beautiful love.
Because of the way you’ve treated me, I can now fully realise what it feels like to actual be loved, respected, honoured. Adored even maybe.
What you did to me only made me stronger, and that’s why, today, I can stand straight up, lift my chin and be proud of who I am, of what I’m capable of.

You called me weak, selfish, cold, isolated, naïve, stupid, dumb, ugly, … You treated me like a piece of shit, disposable trash.
You ripped my heart out, burned it and then trampled it once more.
Over and over again.
But I’ve changed. I’m stronger. I’m better, unlike you, I actually did grow up.
And I have you to thank for that.

Although some of you still can’t handle me being happy, you come and claim your sorry, that you didn’t mean it that way, but it’s easily said afterwards.
I’m done, with the pain, the lying and cheating, using, abusing.
But most of all, I’m done with people like you.
So, and I’m saying this with all my heart: Fuck you.


The new improved me.



10 thoughts on “Fuck You

      1. It’s not meant to make my exes jealous, it’s -like I literally say in the text- meant to make them realize that they didn’t break me, the way they hoped they had.
        That I am capable of finding a good love.
        and showing them that I am happy now 🙂

  1. The image is pretty awesome.
    Where are you basically from?
    Not trying to hit on you out something.its just that, it would be nice to see those pretty eyes hidden in this pick.
    Mail me, if its convenient.
    – ka$h~if.

    1. haha thx, but the picture is not me, I rarely use pictures of myself :p
      And I’m from Belgium,
      if you want to know what I myself look like I recommend you check the ‘about me’ page 😉

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