Lovingly she looked into his eyes while caressing his hair. Softly stroking it out of his face.
“I’m still wondering what I did to deserve you”, she softly says as she happily sighs.

He smiles as he looks up at her “I could ask myself the same thing, but the answer is simple. What’s meant to be will be, sooner or later. Even if it sometimes takes a while.”

“But you had to wait for so long, a year and a half give or take.” She said, feeling a little bit guilty. “I still don’t understand why I kept you waiting for so long, it must have hurt you so much…” She looks down, the guilt getting stronger by the second. 

“hey…” he puts his hand on her chin, and turns her face so that she’s facing him. He deeply looks into her eyes. “No need to say sorry. Yes, you made me wait, but I never gave up. I always hoped that one day you’d change your mind. I waited for you, waited ’till the moment that you would be ready. And now you are, and we’re together.” She smiled as a tear rolled down her cheek. He leans in, his lips almost touching hers “and I have never regretted waiting for you, not a second.” His lips tenderly kiss her as his hands slide down her neck.
She holds him close as they kiss, getting lost in the moment. Yes, this truly is perfection. 





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