What A Lovely Day

Sometimes, when you’re feeling down or having a bad or plain boring day, there can be one thing that makes it all better.
Something little. I had that today. 
I had gotten rather bored while studying (it gets quite boring eventually) and was just missing my boyfriend, again. So I texted him , and the answer that I got back just made me smile, like only he can. Then I got on facebook, where I saw that a friend of mine commented something sweet on a picture of her I had commented on first, it was about this blog, my blog.
Saying that she loved my posts and that she thinks they are quite good. It made me smile as well.
And well, those kind of little things, really can brighten up your day. 
It just makes you realize what you do have, instead of what you don’t.
I’m sure I’m not the most happy person on earth, but just in that moment, I felt like I was. Reading those comments, those text messages, …

Also, today my dad told me I’ve got his and my mom’s permission to go away on a weekend with my boyfriend, it ‘ll be the weekend of Friday 1st of February ’till Monday the 4rd. And on Sunday 3rd of February, we will be six months together. Which, for me, is the first time that I’ll have a relationship that long.
We’re going to Sunparks for the weekend (it’s a place in Belgium with like an indoor swim paradise, and houses where you can stay, restaurants, a lake, …). It may not look like much, since originally we planned on leaving the country for a weekend and going to Spain or something like that, but in a way… This is just as great. We will be 3 whole days together, 3 nights, 3 mornings,… We will live together for 3 days. And I can barely wait for it. 

Of course, I still have to finish my two last exams first, this Monday and Tuesday.
But a girl can dream, right?
And seeing the snow outside of my window, covering the world in a silky white blanket, I do dream. 

Ahh, what a lovely day it is today!




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