You ♥

Whenever I’m feeling down, sad, broken 
you are there. Leading me to the light, light in the dark.
Showing the way. Taking me away.

With just one single kiss, you have awoken my heart, making me shiver to my very core.
When you say that you love me, either out loud or whispering it in my ear, shivers move up my spine, causing goosebumps.

When you smile, it looks like an angel smiling at me, ever so lovely.
Everything you do makes me fall in love with you all over again, right from the start.

With each passing day, you get more beautiful.
You’ve opened up my eyes, showing me just how beautiful life can be.

You make me strong, confident.
You protect me, and with you , I truly feel safe.

Words cannot explain what it is you do to me, for it’s much more than a simple love to me.
Could it be that you’re the one, the one I’ve been waiting for all these years?



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