My Passions

Last night, as I couldn’t sleep -again- I came to the conclusion that I really do miss learning about historical things, studying history.
Just like I miss studying English, heck, I even miss those damn phonetics.
I don’t miss studying to be a teacher though, I just miss the courses I took. The pure theoretical ones.
History has always been my passion, ever since I was a little girl.
I especially loved the old Egyptian cultures and the ancient Greek culture. I love the legends and the stories. I love mythological stories, fables, fairytales and all that stuff.
The ancient Egyptian culture is just so fascinating and mystical. The way they mummified bodies, buried their dead, honored them, the way they build all the temples and graves,…
Just like the Greek their way of living also fascinates me. One with nature. With myths and legends that have an explanation for things in nature that science just can’t explain. Think of the story of Echo and Narcissus for example, which tells us where the echo we hear when we scream in the mountains come from. An explanation for for example thunder or lightning can be found in their stories as well. 
My second passion, was and still is the English language. 
I’ve always wanted to go back to England, ever since I fell in love with the country.
It’s my dream to get back there someday, maybe even live there. Either for a while, either forever.
I’ve been reading English books for years now (even though one might not notice that by reading my texts), and I do read more in  English than in Dutch.
I love the way everything sounds in English, so lovely, so classy, so beautifully.
And I simply adore the British accent, I used to have one myself, but lost it because of the lack of practice.
And now, after my teacher studies failed, I lost both in a way…
Of course, I still read and write in English , that will never change, but it’s different…
I don’t really have much time to read, and when I start reading in a book, I like to finish it in a couple of days, weeks,a month. I can’t now.
And history… since my studies failed, I haven’t looked anything historical up, while otherwise I would be surfing the net for information about whatever fascinates me. Egyptians, Greeks, The Middle Ages, …
I would’ve read books about historical subjects that I like.
And the thing is that I didn’t even notice that I missed it so much, until we went on vacation to Egypt during Autumn break.
We did multiple excursions with a guide, and most of the time, there I was, answering his questions, correcting him, asking him questions or answer whatever questions my fellow travelers had. Everyone said how good I was at it, that I should be a guide myself.
It felt great, because I love showing off my knowledge about Ancient Egypt.
And then I noticed, that was the hole in my heart that I’ve been feeling.
How badly I’ve been missing it.
It’s a part of me , always has been, and the fact that my study failed doesn’t mean that that part just.. went away.
No, it’s still within me, lingering, burning with a slightly dimmed flame.
But still present.
And the same is with English.
I miss it, both, I really do, so so much…
But there’s nothing that I can do about it really.
I can try and keep the flames alive, or I can let them go out.
Although that’s no option for me.
I will fight to keep my passions alive.
I will fight. I will not give up that easily.



5 thoughts on “My Passions

  1. May I make a suggestion my dear? When posting journal entries it is better to go with less words than more. Try to shorten your sentences. And do your best not to repeat descriptors over and over and over. 🙂 The tighter and more concise the writing, the more followers you will gain. Also it never hurts to throw in a few controversial topics to discuss. Of course who am I to give you and suggestions? I just started this writing gig a little over a year ago…

    1. but you’re very good at it, so you can give me suggestions 😀 you’re one of my examples. I look up to you.
      And I know I repeat myself often :3 What are descriptors though?
      I tried some controversial topics, but since my posts get post on my facebook wall, and since I have some family on facebook who’d love to spill some things to my parents, things I don’t want them to know…
      I have to keep between the lines in a way, which I find a pity, since I can’t write what I truly want 😦 x

    2. I have about … 24 blog followers, 7 twitter followers and 583 from facebook..
      I’d like to have more, but if it’s not coming it’s not coming.
      The writing is the most important part, the rest are details 🙂
      I’m getting used to my blog being visited but barely commented x

      1. Honey you can do this. You’re so damn smart and passionate. It took me awhile to figure out my way around here. The more you post, the more followers you’ll get. The more blogs you follow, the more followers you’ll get.

        Create an author page on FB. Put your posts up on it. I’ll do advertising on my page for you. I have over 200 followers on my author page alone. I’m going to nominate you for a blog award too.

        BTW descriptors are adjectives. They give color to your story. Body. They make the reader feel what you write, not just read it. If you have more questions, let me know.

        Love, Renee

  2. If I understand this correctly, an author page is a more .. private page. For the blog specifically.
    Problem is that all those facebook followers are actual friends or family of mine…
    I’m trying to write more posts, thinking of subjects, but like I said in my previous comment, most of the times I simply can’t, because the wrong people might read it.

    I try to work on the adjectives by reading more English books again, whenever I have some time to read (English isn’t my mother tongue, therefore I don’t master it quite enough to write that way)

    And thank you for all your kind words, and the award nomination that you’re thinking of, even though I have no idea what that would do, since the only ‘blog award’ I’ve run into on here was the liebster blog award. So what does those things do?

    love x

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