Would You Spend The Night There?

Would You Spend The Night There?

I Dare You


23 thoughts on “Would You Spend The Night There?

      1. nope don’t think that’s it.
        TALA has got a white tower on top of the entrance and only two points sticking out on the roof, one on every side. This building has more tips and towers 🙂 x

      2. That’s true. I saw a video once…a timelapse from inside of an insane asylum…kind of looks like that, but that wouldn’t be of much help either because I don’t know what that asylum is called. I’ll see if I can find it though. Do you remember where you got the pictures from?

      1. and ghosts don’t always harm someone, not all of them are violent or upset.
        There are just a many ghosts of people that just don’t realize that they’ve died, and who walk around.

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