A Different Day

Today my day turned out quite different than I had expected.
When I woke up at 6 a.m. after a way too short night (I had slept about two hours…. Couldn’t catch my sleep, and every time when I was in that sweet, relaxed mood, drifting into sleep: I got a text message. Ugh. Luckily for the persons who send them, they were quite nice, sweet even. Messages from old friends saying that they miss me and such. The dears) it hurt to get up. It really did. Totally not looking forward to the rest of my day, I decided to get up, get some breakfast and go back to my room to review my course notes for the exam I’d have this afternoon.
Exam Excel. Ugh. Hate it.
Luckily for me, my sister had gotten up at 6 as well, and mom around half past six, so we could have breakfast together, since usually, when I get up for school (at 5.30 a.m.) I’m alone. All by myself, since everyone else gets up later.
So it was nice , not having breakfast on my own for once.

After a few hours of revising, I left the house on my bike, thwarts the bus stop. I felt so sad, tired and not happy at all. I felt as if I had already failed all my exams, before even making one.
I felt as if the whole world had just crashed down on me.
A truly horrible feeling, so miserable.
My sweet boyfriend did his best (in his way) to cheer me up, he has been since yesterday, when he took my face in his hands and kissed me , just the way he knows I love it.
Sadly for him, it didn’t work yesterday, and it didn’t work today either.
I just felt as if I could collapse and start crying anytime.
I didn’t like it, at all.

It got a little bit better as soon as I arrived in Ghent, knowing I’d see Cedric and Niklaas (two friends from my class) waiting for me.
Especially the way they greeted me, both with a big smile and a huuuuge bear hug (by the two of them at the same time, which made me feel a bit sandwiched. But it was real sweet as well. It made me smile.)
We waited for the bus together, outside, making small talk.
I’ve missed that. Being in Ghent with awesome people like those two.
I’ve missed my friends.

I took the exam itself in a different class than my other classmates. There were only a few that were allowed to be in the facility class like me.
It was so quiet and peaceful, I could get used to that.
The exam went good, I was able to solve pretty much everything, except for two little things that each counted for one point.
Too bad that while handing in my exam, I got a huuuuge preach by the teacher that was with us, to keep us company and to make sure everything went right. Well, she’s not exactly a teacher, she’s the one that guides us when we’re having study problems and such.
She got all snappy at me. Really awful. I felt so ashamed, mostly because what she was blaming me for, being mad at me for wasn’t even my fault.
Something about a mail that she had gotten only this morning, even though I’ve send it Saturday, during the day.
And because there are still some papers that I need to hand in, signed by my doctor, but well, since it was vacation and since she and her husband (also a doctor) weren’t working to stay home with their kids during the vacation, I couldn’t have gotten it ready.
Oh well.
Her problem.
Luckily after that, it got better again.
I had a meeting with a girl from my school that I had talked to on Facebook, concerning our study choice, since at the end of this month, we have to choose which one of the four study directions we’re going to do, and we had some questions for a teacher.
It was a really nice talk with the teacher (who is really friendly) and some of her third year students.
Heather, the girl I was with, was really nice at well. Very fun to talk to.
I’m glad that we went to the teacher with our questions and to get some more information, because now, I’m even more excited about that direction than I already was. I could really see myself doing that. And you have so many job options when you graduate. Amazing.
Now, as I’m writing this in my Word document (most of the times I write my blog posts during my train rides, or at home, but I first write them in Word before I post them)  I’m on the train on my way home, and I can’t wait to tell my parents what I’ve found out.
Of course, knowing them, they’ll just mock me. Or give me a preach about “how hard I’ll have to work and study then, unlike now.” Same old same old. I’ve heard it all by now.
I’m just so excited, and see this a motivation to study even better for these exams, so that I’ll never have those stupid subjects that I hate so much.
I can’t wait to see my love tonight and tell him about it.
And I can’t wait to see what my new study direction is going to be like.

 I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it. 



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