Christmas Nerves

I’m so looking forward to tomorrow evening. Christmas eve with my love. Spending hours and hours together, meeting a part of his family at first, then coming back to end the evening with my family.
I’m looking forward to it, but also very nervous. It’s the first time that I’ll actually meet family of a boyfriend of mine. Before, I’ve met parents or brothers and sisters (once), normally I don’t even get that far in a relationship, so I’m freaking out a bit.
He spend the past few weeks assuring me that I’ll be fine, but still.. I can feel my heart pound in my chest.
Oh well, I’ll make sure that I look great (with just a bit of make-up, since it’s a special day) and then show everyone my most magical smile. Hope it ‘ll work. 
And I hope my family won’t be too hard on him, or won’t be too irritating by asking too many questions. 
I just hope everything ‘ll go just fine.
I hope he will like his present (two presents actually, but ssht).
And I’m excited to see his.
Wish me good luck for tomorrow, and I hope you all have a wonderful, magical Christmas (eve)!



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