I love December.
It may be cold and wet, but that makes it even more cosy to just stay inside with a nice warm blanket, some hot chocolate (with whipped cream, of course!) and a nice warm fire. 
It’s even better when you have someone who loves you (boyfriend/girlfriend) to sit with you by that fire and just enjoy the small things in life.
See the lights on the streets when it’s dark, lighting up the sky.
Making you feel happy, it always makes me smile.
Brightens up my day.
And then, in the end, after a long and hard and tiresome day, you come home. To the warmth of home, and fall asleep in the arms of your loved one.
It’s heaven really.
I love how you get to go out and buy presents for everyone that matters, so today I went out to buy the Christmas present for my boyfriend.
We decided to do it on Christmas, since we both already get presents for New Years and well.. I find that kind of stupid.
I’d rather find some presents under the Christmas and unpack them with all those Christmas songs playing in the background, by the light of Christmas decoration than just on the day when a new year has begun…
So, I asked him if we could do our presents on Christmas, and he agreed -isn’t he a dear?-.
So yes, I love Christmas holidays.
And that’s why I hate the fact that if you’re in college, you’re supposed to be studying during that period.
What kind of evil person has invented that?
“Hey, since I’m always alone with Christmas and New Years (Eve), I want to make everyone suffer the way I do every year. I’ll invent something called exams, and place them in the first weeks after the holidays, that way everyone’ll spend their vacation studying, muahaha ! *insert evil laugh here*”
bastard –‘
Well, too bad for that person, but I’m going to combine both.
I’ll have and a vacation and a study period.
I’ll study during the day, so that in the evening, I can have some time off.
I hope it ‘ll work.
Anyway, now I’m going to unpack my boyfriend’s gift and wrap it in a new wrapping.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! 



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