Stupid Exams

I don’t want to study during Christmas break.
I hate studying during Christmas break, even more then I do during Summer break.
Because well… Summer break is long, and Christmas break is ONLY two weeks, two weeks in which you are supposed to study ALL. THE. TIME. Which -I can assure you- is super frustrating.
Since well… Christmas eve, Christmas day, New Years Eve, New Years Day… those are all such cosy and nice holidays.
And I love spending time with the people I love, sitting together, watching Christmas themed movies, enjoying a great dinner, giving and getting some gifts…
I love to get out in the nature, and take a walk in the snow, holding the hand of the boy that I deeply love, maybe even go away on a weekend, just the two of us.
Visit some Christmas markets, have a hot chocolate in the cold Winter air.
But no … instead, I’ll just be sitting behind my books, in my freezing cold room, studying things I don’t know, or even care about for that matter.
For me , it’s already hell to actually get myself to study – I know I’m not the only one, and it’s a cursed gift really-, heck, I even get distracted by flies. Last August, as I had to do some exams again, I even spend a whole hour staring at a fly that was sitting on my desk.
I just sat there…and stared.
And , as always, I still got so much work to do that I can’t even study properly.
Fuck my life.
Sure hope I’m not the only one experiencing this.



2 thoughts on “Stupid Exams

  1. 14 days christmas break, 4 days free with happy cosy family-friend time, 10 days studying and after that we’ll have another 2 week break in which we can chill until the world ends (talking about, don’t worry, 21 december it’ll all be ovah) ;P

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