Shizzles Of A College Student

Today I got up an hour later than usual, around 10a.m that is since I had a rather late night.
I woke up and started studying, since I thought I was the only one up.
I felt… good. Great even. As if I have been sleeping long enough, did everything I wanted…
Since I’ve spent the past four days at home, mostly in my bed -since it’s heavenly warm under my blanket- , I had the feeling that it already was Monday again. And well.. it’s kind of great to have that feeling when it’s NOT Monday. Sounds weird but I can’t explain.
You might compare it to the feeling of not looking forward to another week at work/school because you hate it there when all of a sudden someone says that instead of going to school/work you have a week off and are free to do anything you want.
Well, that kind of feeling.
And I’m actually looking forward to returning to school tomorrow morning, since I missed my classmates, my friends.
And well, I only have two classes, so I can come home in the afternoon and do homework. No need to hurry myself for once on a Monday. No Manic Monday for me tomorrow.
And I like that, being able to take some time for myself, for the things that really matter.
Family, friends, my boyfriend, and school of course.
I admit, that lately it’s been hard to find a balance between all those things.
I admit that I might have neglect some friends, that I wasn’t there for them when they needed me.
But I’m so so busy with school and the little spare time I have, I mostly spend with my boyfriend. Or my family.
Because they matter as well.
So I’m hoping that my friends won’t judge me. Trust me, I’m trying to find a balance, I am.
And I’ll make it up to you guys, so don’t give up on me just yet.
Since exams are coming up soon, I have even less time. I can’t even get to swimming practice anymore. Which I find sad, but it’s the best thing to do, since last year I did go to practices during my exams or when I was supposed to study and well… I ended up having too little time. And the thing I studied last year (History and English High School Teacher) was wayyyyy less hard than my current study. Waayyyy less.
So, I’ll be busy as hell -sorry for the language-
But I’m sure the true friends ‘ll still be there when it’s over. I’m sure they’ll still hug me and have fun with me. They won’t let me down, and neither will I let them down.
So hang in there, I’m not over just yet.




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