I know I don’t normally blog Ghost stories, but since I find this one rather romantic, and because I love the fact that even in death, even in the afterlife, the woman is still protected by a candle, meaning she still doesn’t need to be afraid of the dark, even in death.

Ghostly World™

Christ Church Cemetery in St. Simons Island, Georgia

Location: St. Simons Island, Georgia, USA
Built: Unknown
Status: Still standing


The St. Simons Island Church was founded by ministers John and Charles Wesley, brothers. They came to Georgia from England in 1736 after John was named minister of the new parish of Savannah. Charles was appointed the Secretary of Indian Affairs and Chaplain for General James Oglethorpe. The Wesley brothers founded Frederica the same year.

Rev. George Whitefield and the Wesley brothers preached on the island, and they ministered to many of the early colonists at Fort Frederica. John went to become known as the father of the modern Methodist Church. However, Charles is remembered today for his Christmas hymns, particularly “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing”.

In time, the settlement at Fort Frederica began to fade away around the 1770s. Settlers still had an interest in the island, and, by 1808, there were enough people living there…

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      1. Hehe….I don’t physically know them, but discovered their channel on YouTube after a series of ranting comments left on my videos…but yes….I am scarred and traumatized for life.

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