Best Dad Ever

This is a text that I found on Facebook the other day. It was used as one of those so-called true sad stories, like the boy that visits his girlfriend in the hospital as she’s waiting to receive her new heart, after the operation she wakes up and hears that she has been given her boyfriend’s heart and such…
But this one actually felt… real. Live like. I think this one might just be true. 
Anyway, true or not true, it’s a rather beautiful story, and I do think that it’s very much possible that these kind of situations actually happen. Sadly.
I don’t know what more to say about it except: I hope it touches you, like it touches me. And maybe make you stop and think about it for a second. 

Had the best dad in the world
Always used to play with me after work, really loved me and my brother
One day, I came home from elementary school. Mom was all furious and angry and stuff. 
I asked what happened and where dad is.
She told me he broke up with her, got another woman and kid.
Didn’t understand the world.
Dad would never do such a thing.
Went to room, after 5 hours I realized dad isn’t coming back.
Really sad, started crying and stuff.
One month passes, not a single sign from dad.
The next 3 months, sadness changes into anger.
How could he just leave me without even saying goodbye.
Years pass, started to forget about him.
Have family and own children, love them very much.
The more I loved my children, the more I could not understand how he could have done that to me.
One day, my aunt called me saying my dad was about to die of cancer.
Don’t give a flying fuck, he forgot me.
Later my wife told me I have to go visit him.
Arrived at hometown hospital.
Everybody was there, even my mom for some reason.
Everybody was crying, he just died. 
Did not shed a single tear.
3 days later, my mom gave me a huge basket full of letters.
Said that it was from my dad to me and she was sorry that she never gave me them.
My heart crushed.
Moments of silence, then went bananas and hit my mom in the face.
Later went to dads flat to take things and stuff.
There was no fucking other family.
It was a one-man-flat, one bed.
And in the middle of the living room,the middle of the living room,
there was a picture of my brother, my mom, and me. 


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