Dear People

My dearest readers/followers/viewers, my sincere apologies for not posting any blogs the past few days, but I’ve spend most of my evenings taking care of a sick boyfriend.
Sometimes, one has to make time for the important things. And he sure is important to me.
My weekend went by way too quickly, as always.
Don’t they always?
And since I started the week with a fight with my mom -again-… 
We’re off to a great week then!
Anyway, I’ll try my very best to post again regularly, and I hope it ‘ll be interesting posts as well.
Please, don’t kill me or judge me if a day would go by without me posting, since I have a lot, a lot of school work, and have exams coming up in about a month from now.
And yes, the nerves are pretty hard killing me, even though I’m rather good at hiding it.
So stay tuned, and see you all soon! 

– Britt

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