Precious Friend

Today I got a message from one of my best friends.
I met him only last school year, but we hit of right away. He’s an old soul in a young guy’s body.
He’s an artist, a painter/drawer.
And his work is absolutely beautiful.
We soon became good friends, as we were in the same group of friends all the time. And since we were together in class for one of my two courses.
One of the other friends became his girlfriend.
And together they are one of the cutest couples I’ve ever seen. So adorable.
It was great spending time with the gang, but then things changed over Summer break.
I changed schools to study something else, two of the friends stayed at the school, the other girl (the girlfriend) went back to high school to do a seventh year, specialization and he went to art school to practice his arts even more.
Which I think is great, since he really has a talent.
To other people, that don’t know him (well), he looks kind of grumpy, bad-mooded all the time.
But once you get to know him -that is, if HE likes YOU, because he’s not too fond of people in general, and who can blame him?- you’d find out that he’s quite amazing and wonderful.
He has so much wisdom in him.
He truly is one of a kind, and my (girl)friend is very , very lucky to have him, even though what makes them so perfect together, is that they’re both two of the most loving, caring and sweetest persons I have ever met.
And I really miss them.
My ‘mommy and daddy’ as I call them.
I can’t stand missing them for another three months, or more.So this evening, as I was gone, I had received a message from him.

“Sometimes one thinks of the past and reflects about all the good and bad things that happened to him. The persons he met, what they mean to him… and they say that you only know what you miss when you’ve lost it. Well, I realize that I have had many friends (girls & boys) and that they came and went, and that I don’t even miss most of them.  But I do very much miss you Britt. I have many good memories to thank you for, just my way of saying thanks I guess. ♥”

As I read this, I got speechless. I froze behind my screen as I got all emotional. I immediately replied, saying how much I miss him too, talking about some good memories that we share.
I really do hope that I’ll see him and Mommy again soon.
Because they really mean so much, and one can never have enough of good friends.
True friends.



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