Wednesday Morning

Determined to not have my  day ruined today, I slept long, 45 minutes longer than I normally sleep on a Wednesday morning, and took the time to wake up properly.
I did what I do about every morning since the last two weeks. I woke up and took my laptop, checked my blog and facebook (the class group, to see if there was anything new) and finished some school work.
Then I decided that I had deserved to take a nice, long, hot shower to fully energize. After a heavenly shower, I took the time to pick out my outfit for today.
I went with a knit skirt, some stockings, a black pullover with a boat neck and my favourite pair of shoes: short black boots that only cover my ankle. And to keep myself warm even more, I put on my leg warmers.
After a nice breakfast, I went to my mom’s work, since she’d be driving me to the train station.
As I stood on the train platform, I couldn’t help but smiling. And if I would’ve been alone in the station, I’m pretty sure I would’ve danced. For no reason.
I just felt so happy.
As I stood there, realizing that I have so many things to be thankful for.
I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me so much, my younger sister and I are more than just sisters, we’re one of each others best friends. My younger brother and I share two of my three hobbies, and only last weekend, we both played two concerts with our band.  He plays the trumpet, and I play saxophone. It was my first concert. And I was so nervous, but my teacher assured me that it was very good.
I have great friends, and the best class ever. All of them are very supporting, sweet and caring. And funny, you wouldn’t believe! We have so much fun everyday!
And as I was waiting for my train to come, I texted my boyfriend that I’d come and visit him tonight (he’s a bit sick, the poor thing).
And as I got a message back, saying I had just made his day, I couldn’t help but smiling so hard, I’m pretty sure people would think I’m crazy.
Wednesday is my favourite day during the week.
I can sleep out, have lots of time to make myself ready, … even though when I get off my train, I have to wait for about an hour on my bus, but I don’t mind that much. I sit in the station, reading in a book that I’ve recently bought.
Sometimes I enjoy sitting just by myself, peaceful and quiet. Just reading, writing, thinking, …
I can surely enjoy those moments of solitude.
And then in the evening, I come home and see my love.
Yes, today is going to be a good day. I can feel it.



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