Manic Monday

Today was a bad day. Even though I had lots of fun as well. 
It kind of went to extremes. 
Let’s start at the beginning. 
Yesterday night I decided to go to bed early, since my boyfriend left early as well. 
Instead of getting more sleep than usual, I got even less sleep. I fell asleep around 2a.m and since I get up at 5.30a.m. … it hurt to get up. 
Then the fact that monday is a really , crappy, stupid, boring ass school day. 
Filled with three classes which I really don’t like, and pretty much suck at.
Luckily for me, it wasn’t as bad as I expected, but still bad though. Not to be mistaken.
The afternoon class especially was great!
Since none of us really knew what we were meant to do, and most of us had already finished the assignment, we had time to chat, listen to music and do whatever we liked on our laptops. With internet from school.
I was sitting next to some awesome classmates -yes, my class is the best!- and had so much fun. Laughed so much that it sometimes even hurt.
Listened to great music (and not so great music, I mean… Space Unicorn, really?), got tortured by all kinds of nyan cat versions (hitler “nein nein nein”-cat, gangnam cat, …)
_I absolutely HATE the gangnam style song by the way, because it’s stupid and because it always keeps getting stuck in my head_
got some help by an old classmate and friend to install some stuff, to have Windows on my mac, so that I could play Assassin’s Creed III (best game evah! -and with that I mean Assassin’s Creed in general, not just this one-).
Then the bad part started. My boyfriend had been home all day, since he wasn’t feeling well.
And normally, I see him monday evening since I do the cash at the swimming pool across my house and he comes to keep me company.
I sit there for 3 hours, and he comes the last hour and a half.
So I’m not lonely all the time.
During my break, he texted me that he wouldn’t come this evening, since he was feeling way too bad.
I felt really sad.
Since even though it had only been a day since I’ve last seen him, I already missed him.
And because I knew that now I’d have to wait untill Friday to see him.
So yeah, big bummer for me.
And it was lonely indeed.
Sitting there for three hours, playing Assassin’s Creed until suddenly my laptop decided that I didn’t have any battery left and just shut itself down.
So I started reading a book but still…
It wasn’t the same.
When I put the cash back in its place, the chest, I felt so alone…
I could see him and myself crossing the street, saying goodnight with kisses and hugs.
I missed that.
Sure hope I’ll be able to see him Wednesday evening, because I don’t think that I’d survive 4,5 days without seeing him.
He’s my sweet addiction.
And love is the only addiction that doesn’t harm, that you can never get enough of.



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