And happily she danced away, back into her fairytale world.
The cold, dark world we call ‘reality’ had somehow found a way to crawl in the magnificent fairytale alike place that she called hers.
Her little piece of Eden.
But the good had overcome, and the bad had come undone.
Dancing around with fairy wings, throwing magic dust all around her.
Dancing, hopping, walking, jumping, …
She had never felt that alive before.
But it were the people that she loved that made her this way.
The people that read her stories, her thoughts, her pain and her joy.
The people who loved to listen to what she had to say.
Some might even spread her message from time to time.
They were wonderful, each and everyone unique in their own special way.
Each and everyone too kind for this world.
They are the kind of people that make the dark clouds go away, and bring back the sunshine in your life.
They are the kind of people, that she is writing for.
People with own opinions and immense kindness.
People who believe.
People who still try to make the world a better place, no matter what.
And people who still dream.

Dancing away, smiling, with a rose in her hand. Red as the love she felt.
Burning with a flame of intensity.
Burning, to last throughout the ages.
Burning, for all that she loves.



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