Thoughts Racing Through My Mind

On the song “You won’t feel a thing” by The Script I’m laying here in my bed.
Thinking about all these feelings, while I’m trying not to think of them.
Feeling all these things, while all I want to do is finally get some sleep.
Staring at my clock, counting the hours that are left.
7 hours going on 6, going on 5 … 
It will be morning way too soon.
Monday’s a though day.
Thoughts of doom are fogging up my mind. 
So many things racing through my mind. 
School, lost friendships, new friendships, love.
Am I enough? Will I ever be enough?
“When trouble thinks it’s found us
The world falls down around us 
I promise baby you won’t ever
You won’t ever feel a thing”
“I promise you won’t feel a thing
Cause everything the world could throw
I’ll stand in front. I’ll take the blow for you.
For you.”
These songs, I love them. Their texts speaking of unconditional love. 
The kind that’s rarely found these days.
Ahh the late night thoughts. Gotta love them.
All kinds of things racing through my mind.
Uncertainties. Fears. Future visions. Past memories. Hurt inside.
Making a balance of life as it is right now.
People I lost, friends. Friends I thought I’d have forever.
Friends I thought I’d never make.
A love I thought I’d never feel, experience.
Lost friendships renewed.
Old ones lost.

It’s a crazy world out there.
One can only try and be strong enough to make it out there. But as long as I have certain people by my side, I know I’ll be just fine.

Now it definitely is time to go to sleep. So time to shut those thoughts and feelings down and make way for the nice comfort softness that is sleep when you need it.

So goodnight to all of you my dears, and I’ll see you tomorrow! ♥


And this is the song “You won’t feel a thing” by The Script, which I talked about earlier in the text. It’s a beautiful song by a great band, I strongly recommend them. And if you can, just listen to their texts. It ‘ll make you fall in love with them just like it did with me. Enjoy!

The Script – You Won’t Feel A Thing


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