Communication Gone Wrong

How come that when you really want to say something, and it’s on the top of your tongue, you just can’t?
When for example you want to tell your loved one that you adore them? That he/she means the world to you?
You just block. Everything stops. 
In your head you can hear the words, hear yourself saying them, but you just don’t…
Your heart is beating so loud that you can barely hear your own thoughts, but nothing happens…
And then you have other situations, when you just want some information or confirmation about something, and you end up insulting or hurting people.
Those kind of situations may suck even more.
Because well.. you hurt/insult someone, without intending to.
Which makes it hard to explain yourself, since you already pissed them off most of the time.
These are the kind of consequences that take a long time to make it up again.
And which are hard to get right again.
I’m in a situation like that right now.
I hurt/insulted someone who I love very much. In a friend way.
And I made her mad.
And I sure hope that I can make it up to her…
Because she really is a wonderful person, who was always there for me. 
And who was there when I made a very important decision.
Who always believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself.
And who had helped me, no matter what.
So therefore, I hope she can forgive me.



5 thoughts on “Communication Gone Wrong

  1. I am sure she will forgive you, true friends have ups and downs, highs and lows..its life, but in the end love and friendship always wins. x

  2. Oh sweetie, its my pleasure, no thanks needed 🙂 I love your blog, your posts are very lovely. now chin up I promise you everything will be ok. hugs Ceri x

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