I need some time

“I need some time”, she says to him. He looks at her, his eyes showing that he doesn’t understand what she just said. “So we’re over then?” He asks. His voice breaking as he speaks. 
“I…”, she pauses, “I don’t know… I don’t know Damian. All I know is that I need time, for myself. I have to think about my health and happiness now. And staying here isn’t good for either one.”
Her eyes start to fill themselves with tears. He just stares at the ground. Trying to understand what’s going on.
“I’m sorry”, she whispers, as a hot, salt teardrop rolls down her cheek. She picks her suitcases up of the floor and walks through the front door.
He barely notices it. He’s numb. He doesn’t feel anything anymore. All he does feel, is pain. He feels empty.
A part of him just left, and the other part just died out of misery.


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