Rainy Day

She looked up, rain falling on her face.
Covering her lashes with transparent drops of water.
A smile appeared on her face.
Then she looked back down, seeing a pair of eyes , sparkling as they were looking deeply into hers.
She found herself drowning in them.
The sparkle in his eyes gave away his feelings. As he held her close, he admired her beauty. So natural, yet so out of this world.
Her hand rose to stroke his cheek, as softly as ever, with only the tip of her fingers .

Barely touching his smooth skin.
A blush started to form on his cheeks.
There was an extra sparkle in his eyes. He was shy.
She smiled. He looks so adorable when he’s shy.
Her finger slides over his lips, feeling the soft texture under her finger.
Softly, she leaned in, moving her lips a bit closer to his.
Her hand slides to his chest, she could feel his heart beat faster.

Just like she could hear him breathing faster.

The blush on his cheeks were getting heavier as well.
Her lips just barely touched his, but his heart skipped a beat nevertheless and he held his breath.

She pulled back. He still had his lips put as if he was kissing, with his eyes closed. She laughed.  He opened his eyes, a bit confused, and smiled, shyly.

She giggled, took his head in her both hands and said that she loved him, the crazy boy, and kissed him, passionately this time.
She could feel herself get lost in the kiss. And so did he.
For minutes they stood there, just kissing. Being perfectly happy by just doing that.
His hand slide to her neck, caressing it. As he gently pulled her closer, to deepen the kiss.

It was still pouring rain, and they were getting soaked, but they didn’t mind. At all.
Because everything they needed, everything they’d ever need was right there. And would forever be.
She’d found what she’d spend years looking for in his eyes.
He was her final destination. 



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