Leaves are falling down.
Their golden brown colors  give the forest a beautiful facet.
The water sparkling, clear. 
Some leaves drifting away. 
Her fingers playing in the water, softly splashing.
Childhood memories came back into her mind.
Jumping in a pile of leaves.
Long autumn walks.
Nice warm scarfs.
A hot cup of chocolate with whipped cream.
A warm fire.
Someone to hold, to hug , and to love. 
Happy faces all around.
Days that end too soon.
Nights that last too long.
Nights that are too cold.
Rainy days along with cold winds.
People holding hands to keep warm,
To express their love.
To show how much they care.
Some others go and visit their loved ones on the cemetery.
Lost, gone, but never forgotten.
The World Wars and it’s victims are getting remembered, honored.
Just like they always should.
Praying people will never forget that horror, to make sure that it ‘ll never happen again.
To prevent history from repeating itself.
The month’s almost over.
The cold and sad month of November. Month of the Dead.
Winter’s on it’s way, it ‘ll be December soon.
I can already feel the warmth of Christmas, and New Years (Eve).
I’m praying that November ‘ll be over soon.



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