I Belong To You

Last Thursday evening, my parents and I went to the ‘Night of the Proms’ where Anastacia, Ozark Henry (a famous Belgian singer), The Jacksons and John Miles were the top-acts.
It was a wonderful night out with my parents. All the acts were great and beautiful. I loved the classical music as well. Always have.
But the most memorable moment for me of that whole night, was when John Miles started to sing “I belong to you” which is originally sung by Anastacia and Eros Ramazotti. Then all of a sudden she comes on the stage as well as they sung it together. It’s one of my most favourite love songs ever, and well.. the way they did it.. (even though Eros Ramazotti still sings it better). It made me speechless.

And my first thought was “I wish my boyfriend was here, I want to hold him so badly”.

Because every part of the lyrics sounded familiar to me. The feelings they were speaking of. (Even though the song contains and English and an Italian part, and of course I can only understand the English part. But still).
The way she falls in love every time she looks into his eyes, the way he’s the wind underneath her wings,  the way all the darkness disappears as soon as she hears his voice, …

All those feelings.

And just like she truly loves him, I truly love him.


For the first time ever, I have a relationship in which I do make plans for the future.
Going from a night out, to a small vacation together.
He’s the one I see myself spending the rest of my life with.
Even though we have differences, every couple does.
He can’t stand most of my music, and neither can I stand his.
He doesn’t like it when I put on make up. He likes girls natural.
He’s more difficult than I am concerning food and snacks.
So we’ll probably never go to a concert together.
Which I find a pity.

But still, I want him so badly.
I need him, almost as much as I need air.
A day without hearing him, is just a day not worth living.

I never thought he would mean THAT much to me. Ever. Since, in the beginning of the relationship, which came rather sudden, we agreed to give it a try and see what would come of it. And well… That made me fall for him even more. The fact that he didn’t say stuff that would only have me freak out even more than I already did back then. No, the fact that he saw it as a chance. That there still always was a way out, since in most of my relationships, I got the feeling that I was stuck. Sealed in a cage.
But the fact that he’d let me go if I’d want to… I don’t know, but it sure did something.
He’s there for me as well.
Not always in the ways that I would like. He’s no perfect boyfriend. And, sadly for me, there’s no romance in him at all. Or I just haven’t seen/felt it yet. Which is also a pity.  So many differences, including the 6-years age difference. But does all of that matters? Doesn’t it make us complete each other? Is it all really that important?

I don’t think so. I believes it makes us strong. Just like white and black create grey, we create something new as well. We’re not like other couples, which doesn’t make us any less than them.
It’s in the way he looks at me, his eyes just glowing, sparkling with all that love. I get butterflies every time he kisses me, every time. When my back is against his chest, my head on his shoulder I feel so safe, words just can’t describe. He’s my shelter, in some way even my best friend, my lover. His arms are my home. I can be myself completely with him. I can tell him everything, for we have no secrets. He loves me, for who I am, not just for the pretty face.
I love him, and I belong to him, as he belongs to me. That’s all that matters.

Forever and ever.


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