Best Tutor Ever

I’m just done with some homework for monday. It was something mathematical, and I suck at math. So few days back I texted my boyfriend that I was a bit freaking out, since our teacher had given us a subject (matrix calculation) that we had to learn to ourselves. We had some exercises that we need to bring to class on Monday. If you didn’t made them, you can’t enter the class. And they have to be handwritten.
And since I barely had math in high school, and already sucked big time in that little, I was freaking out. A lot.
So I told my boyfriend so, and you know what he answered?
“I had that in high school. It was about 7 years ago, but I can look it up if you want? Maybe I could explain it to you and help you?x”
… I swear, as soon as I read that text, all I thought was “omg! I’ve said it a thousand times before, but honestly, I FREAKIN’ LOVE YOU!” I could just pull him through my cell and hug and kiss him to death.
And fair enough, tonight he did came over, and started tutoring immediately. He acted like a real tutor, no kisses or hand holding meanwhile, no, pure focus. Even though at one point I was begging to stop because… well… I HATE math. With a burning passion. HATE IT!
But it didn’t matter, since my boy was a real professional and just kept going ’till he was convinced that I’d be fine on my own for the rest of the exercises.
When we finished for today (I can do the rest of the exercises by myself) it already was late, like “I should’ve already been in bed by now”-late.
(Just so you know, I have to get up at 5.30 a.m, so I go to bed around….. 10.00-10.30 p.m, and when we finished it was … 10.50 p.m…).
But I just couldn’t let him go without thanking him, or without being a couple for even two minutes.
So we kissed a little.
But since we were both EX-HAUS-TED and since I’ll have a looooooooong day tomorrow (I’ll tell you later about it) he decided to leave and go home, sleep. And I craved for my bed as well (which I’m lying in now, while writing all of this stuff).
I am SO happy that my awesome boyfriend wanted to help me out, and did a really excellent job at doing so. Since I totally get it now.
I love him so much, my favorite tutor of all time ❤



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